West End Community struggle for public space

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From the West End Community event page:

All across Brisbane, residents have lost control over their city. From road widenings to mega-developments, from green space to affordable housing, residents’ voices are consistently ignored by a system stacked in favour of corporations and multinational property developers.

On Sunday 21 August, residents of Brisbane met at the new park on the corner of Thomas and Vulture Streets for a community breakfast. Then they marched down Boundary Street to the old Absoe site to demand affordable housing, more green space and sustainable development.

If you can’t see the video above then watch West End Rally for Public Housing and More Public Space on the Absoe Site on youtube.

The breakfast was delicious. I hope people find this video informative. It includes of all the speakers from that morning.

Shout out to West End Community Association, make sure you visit the WECA facebook page for more info.

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