Abbey Medieval Festival 2010

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On the weekend I went to the Abbey Medieval Festival with my brother and some friends. The description from the website sums it up really well.

This is Australia’s largest medieval event, a magical spectacle of colour, pageantry, music and chivalrous combat. There is jousting and archery, sword combats and melees, medieval markets and dance.

I went last year, you can read about that on my Abbey Medieval Festival 2009 post. This year I have a much better camera so once again I made some videos and took some photos for your viewing pleasure. I really appreciate that they allow fans to take photos etc. I’d also like to thank all the performers for tagging my gallery on facebook, it was really nice to learn more about them after the event.

The site was different this year, the main area where the battles were held was on a slope, I’m not sure the combatants were happy with this as perhaps it gave an advantage to the people on higher ground.

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If your interested make sure you follow AbbeyTournament on twitter and become a fan on facebook. This year drew crowds of 24,756 people and won moreton bay and islands tourism award. Congratulations to all involved.

Visit the Abbey Tournament website and make sure you pre-order your tickets for next year so that you can avoid standing in line.

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