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One of the cool things about living in West End is that it’s only a short walk down to the Queensland Cultural Centre.

The Queensland Cultural Centre is a multi-venue centre located at South Bank, Brisbane, capital city of Queensland. It consists of the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC), the Queensland Museum, the State Library of Queensland (SLQ), the Queensland Art Gallery (QAG) and the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA).

I think GoMA is probably my favourite, most people I know say the acronym goma as a word as in “go mah”, I visit it fairly often to see if there’s anything new, this weekend I had a lazy weekend so I went down to visit but most of it is under construction. In the future I might write posts about the other parts of the Cultural Centre, as you can imagine its a great place for getting ideas about composition, lighting and what its like to have artwork exhibited etc

Here’s a few photos Ive taken of GoMA. One during the floods. Click them to see full size.

I hope you get time to visit, you can see whats happening on the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art website.

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