Lion Dance ushers in Chinese New Year 2013

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Lam Tu Luan kungfu school lion dance, Buddha and martial arts proved a hit in Brisbane welcoming the new Lunar year and year of the snake.

This year I had the honour of accompanying the Lam Tu Luan kungfu school performers as they travelled to various locations. There was a collection of teams, the ones I accompanied mostly visited restaurants, a couple of shopping centres and a temple.

When the school turned up and started the loud drumming, action packed dancing, and wicked humour of the Buddha, the Lion Dances transformed a regular dining experience to a vibrant party atmosphere.

In the shopping centres the lion dancers and martial artists established a great atmosphere making the shoppers visit enjoyable for all ages and attracting attention to stores throughout the plaza.

I put together a couple of sample videos to show the crew how it will look. The first one was from Friday the 8th of February at Enjoy Inn in the Valley and the second one is from the temple in Breakfast Creek.

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