Walk Together Brisbane 2015

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On October 31st I attended an event called Walk Together Brisbane 2015. As far as I can tell, it’s an event organized by the Welcome to Australia organization (link and quote below).

We believe Australians are a welcoming, generous and compassionate people. On Saturday, October 31 you’re invited to #SayWelcome in cities and towns across the nation. — https://walktogether.welcometoaustralia.org.au/

At one point in the day there was a small panel discussion. Aleem Shaun Ali asked the question “Whats it going to take to shift the tide of fear, whats it going to take to genuinely embed a culture of welcome in this city and in this nation and whats the one thing that the people here today could take away and practically do differently or just do that will contribute to that?”. Watch the video below for responses.

It was great to see such a diverse group of people coming together. It was also great to see Imam Uzair from Holland Park Mosque, generally I don’t see that much multi-faith representation at these events, I think its due to Abrahamic religions being monotheistic which is somewhat controversial.

I’m very interested in what people think of Australia becoming a republic and what you think about all this, please let me know in the comment section.

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